A Vision of something better

For us, this Christian faith is about so much more than a ticket to heaven. Jesus is our subject. We believe He is on a mission to take back what hell has stolen. Life. The kind of good life God intended for us when He first created us. While this world and our lives are so obviously broken, we have a longing deep within us for something better. A better life, a better way. Jesus not only offers that better way, He offers the power to live it. Join us. Take back what hell has stolen. 

Take back the life you were created for!

We are ordinary people pursuing one extraordinary way...

Ordinary People

Churches are too often notorious for acting like they have it all together, right? We can promise you there's nothing outstanding about us. We likely have many of the same flaws you do.

We are committed to owning that it's not about us! 

Pursuing One

Much of our world (in and out of churches) seem to have the impression that following Jesus is about a certain kind of destination. You know: Are you going to heaven or hell?

Jesus actually came offering a certain kind of LIFE.  A better life. Better in both quality & quantity than anything anyone else has to offer. 

That way of life is something we pursue and grow into. That's why we are committed to contend like we're not yet complete!


The way of life we pursue is extraordinary because it is the Jesus way and He is extraordinary! We believe Jesus is not only our Savior but also offered a model in His own life and teachings for how human life was intended to be lived. In a word: Love. 

That's why we're committed to living like Jesus loved!